Measurements taken in 2019 at NTNU Norway by department of physics.

(NTNU = Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim Norway)

Gunalight has a frequency between 167 000 - 520 000 Hz.

Wavelenghts to Gunalight is measured to lie between 380-720 nanometer. 

From the period until the light goes out of the rock crystal is reduced 4 times from 30 to 7,5 lumen.

Gunalight uses white light that contains the entire spectrum.

The light pulsates in a way the world has not seen before. 


Gunalight measurements at NTNU measured at 380-720 nanometers see figure below.


Above you can see the unique curve in nanometers to which Gunalight is measured. Compared to everything else, this is a unique wave curve.

Orange baskets are light measurements made at the center. Gray curves are light measurements measured 4 cm from center.


Gunalight measurements at NTNU measured at 167,000 - 520,000 Hz see figure below.

The figure above shows unique Hz (fluctuations) in Gunalight 167,000 - 520,000 Hz. Furthermore, we have also seen that Gunalight is between 380 - 720 nanometers. This combination differs significantly from the visible light in the sun which is between 700,000,000,000 - 480,000,000,000 Hz by 400-700 nanometers. This means that the sun is significantly higher HZ despite the same nanometer. The wavelength itself is also different as shown in figures above.


Considerations around the measurements:

What is scientifically interesting is that Gunalight waves / pulses in a different way all that is measured. When we also manage to get the entire light spectrum with it, it becomes even more interesting. With properly calibrated light throughout the spectrum with this pulsation, much seems to be possible. We humans are energy bundles and no one should be surprised by the positive results of proper use of Gunalight. The amount of energy supplied to the body by the use of Gunalight must, to a very high degree, be completely harmless to humans. We humans have between 60,000,000 - 72,000,000 Hz, Gunalight pulses between 167,000 - 520,000 Hz. A pilot study we have done with the measurement of blood samples after treatment every day for 4 weeks at 22 people shows the same. No negative effect on any of the parameters of the extended blood samples we performed on the sample. The conclusion is that Gunalight is a harmless technology. Then the threshold should be very low to start and treat itself with this new invention.


 Hertz and nanometer:
Relatert bilde
Pay special attention to Hz in people you see from the figure below. Also watch the wavelengths of radio for gamma rays versus Gunalight.
Bilderesultat for laser frequency

Table below: note nm (nanometers) in all spectrum colors. And remember that Gunalight pulses / waves between 380-720 nm.


    Color            Wavelenght   Wavelenght   Frequency   Energy

Different frequencies compared to Gunalight

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 Hz

Gamma radiation / radioactive radiation

16 000 000 000 Hz

5 G net

10 000 000 000 Hz

X- ray

1 000 000 000 Hz

Wireless net, PC, Mobil

72 000 000 Hz


167 000 – 520 000 Hz

Gunalight pulses between these Hz/frequencies

Hz= Frequencies / oscillations per second.