Our users have chosen to share their experiences so that others can easily understand that Gunalight is a unique Norwegian invention. They have done so without any kind of compensation. They all have a strong desire to spread the word throughout the world so that the product is used and accepted as quickly as possible. Read their stories below:

Mike Patrick, 75 years old, Oxford, UK, suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia and Pulmonary Fibrosis.

 I have suffered the increasing affects of M.E. and Fibromyalgia since 2003 and had to retire in 2010 because I did not have the strength to carry on working in such a demanding job.

There are many debilitating symptoms associated with M.E., which can affect young and old alike in different ways, ranging from mild to extremely severe. The main symptom common to all is extreme fatigue. Even the simplest of tasks would drain my energy and my legs would turn to jelly, unable to do anything until I rested....and so it would go on!

The fact that I was also experiencing another common symptom....an unrefreshing sleep pattern, made things far worse. A few months back, I went through a period of sleeping just 4 - 5 hours every night which went on for almost 8 weeks. I was waking daily between 4:30 and 5.30 am with my body in so much pain. I was like a zombie all day and very stressed, unable to do the simplest of tasks. I needed to go back to bed to rest daily. Also having Fibromyalgia, I was on 24 hour painkillers including opiates. Life as I knew it, had been cruelly taken away from me and I slid into depression.

My brother in law Tim, who lives in Kristiansand, knew of my plight and suggested that I try the Gunalight as he and his wife had been using it for some time and were getting great results.

I ordered one and started to use it immediately, but for a while there was no change. My case is quite extreme, so I emailed Gunalight and they suggested that I use it one night on the left side, then two nights on the right and so on. Almost immediately, I noticed a great difference in my sleep pattern. I was suddenly getting a really good night sleep....between 8 to 10 hours each night, which I have never done in my life before AND I was not waking up in pain. Obviously, with a more stable sleep pattern, my energy improved. I could not believe the change.

At the time of writing, I have now been sleeping soundly for seven weeks and the pain has eased considerably. I have been a lot less stressed and have even managed to cut out my 6 pm pain killers each day and will continue to try to cut down further.

I run two M.E. Support Groups and am so confident of the results, I am going to recommend Gunalight to all of my friends who have M.E. and also those with other problems. Thank you so much for giving me my life back Gunalight, it is a wonderful product.

 Mike Patrick Augsut 2019

Tore Lundeby 63 years, Oslo - Stress shoulders – neck pain - post-operative pain - sleep

I tested Gunalight at the Wellbeeing festival in November 2017 and said that if it works then I will return the following day. I had stress and aches and pains in my neck and shoulders. It became better the day after using Gunalight. I could feel some pricking and my hand and my leg got more blood in the system. Still using it now and then.
My oldest 22-year-old daughter also tested it, and had similar shoulder pain due to a lot of studying at university and noticed that her neck felt slightly better the day after treatment with Gunalight.
My youngest 20 year old daughter was hospitalized for appendicitis and was discharged the following day. After a day at home she still had pain in her stomach and I purchased paralgin forte for relief. She couldn`t sleep. But before she took the medicine, I treated her with Gunalight on the 6 numbers. As a result, she fell asleep quickly and slept for three hours. She got up and felt strong and had less pain. Then she went for a long trip and was better in the days that came. Very good effect of Gunalight. Paralgin forte was not used.
Both of my children felt pricking right away and we used it for about 7 minutes on each number.
Greetings Tore Lundeby March 20, 2018.

 Perzin Nazari 29 years from Oslo - Neck pain - oxygen uptake

Active boxer,Norwegian gold champion in the weight class 48 kg in 2016.

For several years I have had treatment for neck pain. I have used massage, chiropractor, massage and acupuntur. I have used thousands of kroners, but the pain was never gone. When I heard about Gunalight, I did not have anything to loose, but after I sat with the light on my arm, the pain in my neck was gone. Just after one treatment… The pain was permanently gone, I have never felt the pain again.
I have tried to see if there is a change in my running before and after using Gunalight. With this light and with drinking beetroot juice, I breathe differently than before. I am very surprised at this. Now, I will continue using Gunalight and train for the championship which is in a few weeks.
Perzin January 15, 2018.
I just won gold in the Norwegian championship March 2018.

 Finn Thomassen 55 years from Søgne - Headaches and muscle aches and pains 

I have been struggling with headaches for several years. The same applies to pain in the neck and shoulders. During these years I have used different medications to help ease pain. Has obviously been very troublesome and at times I was unable to perform normal daily tasks. I received one treatment with Gunalight and it worked much better than what I expected. Immediately the headache was significantly reduced. The same was true for my muscle and joints. Now I have been using Gunalight regulary for about 6 months and feel that I have regained life as it once was without pain. I recommend everyone with the same ailments as myself to go to the acquisition of Gunalight. You will not regret it.
Finn Thomassen January 6, 2018.

 Ivar Berghlin 82 years from Kristiansand, retired rector - 100% paralysis on the left side

I, Ivar Berglihn, now 84 years had a stroke on December 17, 2015 and was completely paralyzed on the left side. Until then I had been in good physical shape and regularly trained with the "heart trim" in Gimlehallen twice a week. After I had talked to a friend of mine with a similar case, my wife got hold of a wellknown acupuncturist. He put needles in my foot, hands and my forehead and then attached an electrical current. It caused a slight movement in my toes. I took that as an encouraging sign. The treatment continued weekly for about 6 months without much more happening. But it was a little bit of life. I then had a visit from someone my wife and I had been to for some ailments. Him and I agreed to just call him the therapist. He came and held something - I did not know what it was - it could have been like a thick pencil or something like that. Later I learned that it was Gunalight. Then something started to happen. My left foot began to move, all the way to my arm, so strongly that it was really painful, but within my pain limit. The treatment continued once per week and the reaction was powerful. I now have movement in my leg that is getting closer to normal. For safety reasons, I still use a crutch when my balance is insecure. From the first stage after the stroke I have been training consciously and hope to walk normally again. I am surprised by the improvements I have achieved with the treatment with Gunalight. I highly recommend treatment with the Gunalight method.
Ivar Berglihn February 3, 2018.

 Aud Venke Tellefsen 75 years from Kristiansand - Osteoarthritis

I learned from my sons who are co-owners of the Gunalight invention that there could be a small possibility that I could have a positive change in the arthritis I have had in my fingers for about 20 years. I had nothing more to lose by trying this treatment. From May 2017 until now, my fingers have straightened out and the lumps on my fingers have softened. Previously, these were hard and nothing could loosen them. I will probably call this a little medical sensation. I have treated myself every second day according to Gunalights method. This I have done since July 1, 2017 after I bought a Gunalight and could do the treatment myself. It is without a doubt worth the time and effort. Our health is after all the most important thing and if there are methods outside the mainstream that are without side effects there is nothing to wonder about. Recommend all I know to get a Gunalight.
Aud Venke Tellefsen January 2018.

 Marion K Land 71 years from Kristiansand - Gallbladder problems - sleep problems - joint pain

I have worked from around 22 years and up to 65 years in the field of insurance / finance and management, which in some cases caused stress which increased when our only child, our daughter in 2000, was diagnosed with incurable cancer (died 2008).
Through these years I have had increased chest and joint pain, have consulted a physician and general practitioner without anyone being able to help with this. In 2013 - 2017 the pain in my joints increased and eventually my knees became painful with increased chest pain.

Then I got a bout of dizziness, burning throat and chest pains. I sought the doctor. He took an ECG and concluded that I had no heart problems, but Crystal sickness (a mild form as I was able to treat myself with some exercises which were recommended to me by my doctor). However, my docter prescribed Losec that I should take daily. I tried these and they helped a little with the "burning feeling" I had in my throat / chest, it came often and without warning. I also had major sleep problems during these years, but only treated this with soothing teas and cold showers etc. Never took any medications beyond a little Losec and Paracetemol / Ibux. for headaches, teethaches and other aches and pains.

I was not feeling well at all and contacted my friend Kari Torvaldsen who reccommended me to contact Gunalight, that is when my new life started:
I had been reading about my symptoms online (because of the chest pain and other symptoms) and realized something was wrong, but I did not know what. It turned out later that I had gallbladder problems, therefore the medicine for acid reflux helped a little. I then visited Gunalight for treatment. After a short treatment my sleep problems were over, my knees that were so painful that I had trouble walking up and down stairs became so good that I could go hiking again.Yes, Believe it or not, as I usually say; I had one treatment with Gunalight for the internal organs and I threw up a lot of yellow fluid the day after the treatment. I have no problems with the pain in my chest and my burning throat that I have had for a number of years. Is now almost completely gone. I have some tight muscles in my palate / throat, but these I expect will disappear eventually. (will now try to use the light myself) I started for a while to think that all of my aches and pains were due to my age (71), but that is not the reason. Iam now in quite good shape looking forward to the future and old age. Thanks to the light treatment that I will now after a short break will continue to use when I buy the appliance and try it on my own. My husband Yngve is convinced of the positive effect of the treatment.

Think: about 30 years with chest pains and an equally longtime with pains in my joints ..... and now my health problems that I have had in 20-30 years are now over and Iam eternally grateful for Gunalight. My husband Yngve and I will now buy Gunalight and use it for preventative measures. I recommend Gunalight treatment to anyone who has any health problems that they have not been helped with. THANKS.
Marion K Land January 2018.

 Anne Eftevaag 46 years from Kristiansand - Infection in thumb

I had an infected thumb that the doctor said should be treated with pencillin. I had heard through my friends, of a new treatment method that had been invented. They explained that it could help against infections etc. I was also told that this treatment was very simple and without side effects other than that I could become tired during or after treatment. I can assure you that I became extremely tired as after I got home from treatment, I had to have an hour of sleep. The day after treatment, I was shocked. It was possible to squeeze the whole infection out of my thumb. In other words in less than a day, I was comletely cured from having a very infected thumb. My husband and I have acquired Gunalight and recommend everyone to do the same.
Anne Eftevaag 2017. 

 Janne Berås 52 years from Kristiansand - stiff muscles neck and shoulder.

Have had stiff muscles in my neck and shoulders for a few years and have regularly had treatment with a physiotherapist to reduce the pain this caused. After 2 weeks of use with Gunalight, the pain / stiffness in my shoulder and neck were gone. I use Gunalight regularly now, because if I don`t use Gunalight, the pain and stiffness come back in my neck / shoulder. Recommend everyone to test Gunalight.

Janne Beras February 7, 2018

 Erik Tellefsen 70 years, Kristiansand - oedema - Allergy - Atopical eczema – Sun rash Tennis elbow- Increased metabolism - Stiff muscles

Have used Gunalight since January 2017.I have treated myself daily on the right and left sides, respectively.
I have been plagued with swollen legs since 2004, which has resulted in a lot of pain in the evenings and nights. The swelling caused my muscles in my legs to become hard, so I had to have treatment with a Naprapat every 4 weeks to keep it in check. Had great trouble walking stairs and up hills, as I had a lot of pain in my legs. I also had frequent cramps in my legs at night. After I started with Gunalight, the swelling has almost disappeared, the muscles are not hard and the constant pain has disappeared.  I stopped my treatment with the Naprapat 3 months after the treatment with Gunalight started.
 I have had allergy since I was a child. I am allergic to nearly everything. I have therefore taken allergy tablets every day, as well as cortison injections in the spring and autumn. My symptoms have been a conjested nose and eyes that run all through the spring, autumn and summer. After I started using Gunalight for about 1-2 months, I stopped taking my allergy tablets and didn`t need any cortisone injections in the spring and summer of 2017.Atopic eczema has been a problem since childhood. Throughout the winter I have had very dry skin. Even though I used an ointment almost daily, it resulted in a lot of scratching at nighttime that  developed into a lot of sores. It was only in the summertime that my problems disappeared, especially if I bathed in salt water. It was mostly my arms and legs that were affected. I couldn`t use woolen mittens in the winter as this caused itching after a few minutes. After I started with Gunalight in January 2017, my dry skin ​​disappeared after a few months of treatment. Therefore, I haven`t had any problems with itching and eczema since spring 2017.
I`ve had sun rashes since I was about 6-7 years old. Didn`t have any sunrashes in the summer of 2017 because of treatment with Gunalight.
 I have also had a tennis elbow for about 6 months before I started with Gunalight. The swelling and pain disappeared after 2-3 treatments.
After I started with Gunalight I have lost weight approx. 7 kilograms. I would like to emphasize that this is not a result of training or a change in my diet. I am completely sure that the regular Gunalight treatments are the direct cause of this.
With daily use of Gunalight, it has resulted in me having a lot more energy and my muscles have become a lot more supple. I feel 10 years younger.
Erik Tellefsen January 2018.

 Kai Eriksen 71 years from Kristiansand (Mr. IK Start) - spasms of the legs – gout- "pillow" under the leg.

After our first treatment, we felt that it helped with the things we have had a problem with.
We purchased Gunalight and started treatment daily!
For my part I was bothered with severe cramps in my legs every night. Can say without any doubt that I have not had any cramps at night after I started regular treatment. I also have gout and have not used any tablets after treatment with Gunalight.
I have also had a problem with my right ankle / footsole. It seemed like I was walking on a pillow in my shoe, it felt like my footsole was sleeping. It has also been less problematic after the treatment mentioned. This is a very short summary of my experience with Gunalight after  several months of treatment.
Lilly Eriksen 69 years from Kristiansand - fibromyalgia - sleep

My wife has fibromyalgia and has noticed that she has become better in her joints and the swelling of her ankles has improved and is not as noticeable.
After she started treatment she has hardly used painkillers and she sleeps a lot better than before.
Our quality of life has improved after we started treating ourselves with Gunalight.
Kai and Lilly Eriksen February 6, 2018.

 Ruben Nordvik 12 years from Kristiansand - Schlatters

Ruben who is 12 years old is an avid football player and schoolboy from Kristiansand: Ruben was diagnosed with schlatters from the family medical doctor. Was also confirmed through the use of an ultrasound. He was told that it would take 1 to 2 years before he could play football again. After two treatments with Gunalight, he was on the football field two days after the treatment and played a full tournament without pain and with normal movement in the knee. A year after the treatment he still plays without pain.
Told by father to Ruben, Tom Arne Nordvik 2017.


Tom Tellefsen, Kristiansand, CEO Gunalight  - Frozen Shoulder - Restitution - Oxygen uptake

Frozen shoulder documented via MRI. After only two treatments with Gunalight, I was able to return 100% back to work with full approval from my doctor. I could also participate again in football and other physical activities. This was completely out of the question, due to major pain in the time before treatment. The normal School medicine says that there is no cure and/or treatment for this disorder and that it usually disappears by itself between 1-2 years. It is not uncommon with a significantly longer prognosis than this. Not everyone becomes symptom fri, either. I received treatment with Gunalight five months after my diagnosis ``frozen shoulder`` and my doctor notified me as cured.

After using Gunalight after football training, I discovered that I was significantly less stiff, had fewer strains and my fitness improved. Before Gunalight, after playing football, I would walk like an old man. When the football training is over, I have a shower and then I treat myself with Gunalight on the left side for 7 minutes per point. The day after, it is just as if I have not trained. I am never stiff any more and I am comletely restituted. The same amount of exercise has also given me noticeably better fitness. Recommend anyone who exercises/works out to use Gunalight after training. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised.
Tom Tellefsen 2017. 

 Ari Mher 52 years, Kristiansand pain in the left shoulder.

I have had pains in my body but especially in my left shoulder. I have had this for several years. After the first treatment with Gunalight, my shoulders were 90% better. Unbelievable but this is the truth. Recommend anyone who has similar pain to try Gunalight.
Ari Mher February 6, 2018.

 Sandy Aadnevik Kristiansand - Energy level - cholesterol- stiff neck – shoulder pain

I am a lady that has lived a few years, who has been using Gunalight for over half a year. It did not take many times before I was convinced of the effect.
My energy levels have improved remarkably.
My Shoulder / neck pains are as good as gone.
My cholestrol levels are considerably lowered. I am completely surprised over these results after regular use.
Sandy Aadnevik February 9, 2018.

 Rigmor Birkreim Bardoff 67 years Kristiansand – bursa inflammation in hip.

I have been struggling to walk due to an inflamed bursa in my hip. The inflammation was confirmed by ultrasound examination. I have tried different treatments without results. Through friends, I was recommended to try a new method that they called Gunalight. A new invention that could work on my inflammation. I had to try it out. On December 8, 2017 I received a treatment and then bought a Gunalight to treat myself. On Christmas Day, I remember sending a message to Gunalight to say that the pain I experienced while walking was significantly reduced. We agreed that it was wise to check if the inflammation was really gone. I therefore booked a new ultrasound early in January 2018. It was found that the inflammation had disappeared. Now I can play golf for several hours without any problems, which was impossible before I started with Gunalight. I use Gunalight every day. Recommend others with the same problem to go to the acquisition of a Gunalight.
Rigmor Birkrem Bardoff March 22, Kristiansand 2018.

 Married couple from Trondheim who want to be anonymous over 70 years old: sleep - swelling - restless legs - pain - psoriasis arthritis

In Trondheim where we live, we advertise for Gunalight and let our friends try it. My husband is and has been totally dependent on the ambulance and the hospital for help with his ailments. He has several types of heart disease. Has had elevated blood pressure over a long time, which has led to a heart problems.etc. He is still admitted to hospital but not as often as before.
I have psoriasis arthritis and have had surgery to both my knees which was surgically successfull. I have two ankles that have been painful, until Gunalight had an amazing effect.  I am now walking better, the swelling is less and the pain is more or less gone. I only notice the pain if I walk a lot. My hips are good now, so I have to say that my health is manageable after the acquisition of Gunalight. Lastly, I no longer have restless legs or tendonitis. It`s a brand new everyday life. I have also regained my night time sleep again.

 I nearly can`t believe that my pain from the psoriasis arthritis is almost gone. Because of my arthritis my knees and ankles eventually changed and my joints were attacked. Because of the difficulty the doctors wouldn`t operate on my ankles. Difficult joints, they said. Have been very swollen and stiff.
But now they are fine thanks to Gunalight. No pain either. People around me noticed how nice and easy I walk. Even in stairs.
One hip has been considered for surgery, but as I am now, I have no need for surgery. Gunalight fixed that for me.
I don`t have psoriasis on my skin, but I sometimes have it on my eyebrows. It disappears quickly with Gunalight. I had a lot of little spider veins on my legs, but they are much better and disappearing. This is really hard to understand but these are the facts. I am so grateful about such a wonderful product.
You may want to use what I write in the review of the product, but anonymously. We do not want to appear with names for different reasons. We are both over 70 years old, but we still feel young and now we can also say we even feel fit.

Liz Marie Rogenfjell Trondheim 51 Years May 2018 - Inflammation right shoulder - Sleep - metabolism - Restitution - Increased energy levels.

My first meeting with Gunalight was at the fair for alternative medicine in Trondheim this year (March 2018). After using Gunalight I got very excited as I struggle with right shoulder inflammation that constantly gives me a lot of pain, sometimes a lot, sometimes less, but is always there ... In addition, I have had surgery for a prolapse in my neck that has begun to move again, which causes problems in the form of numbness and pain ... But after purchasing & using this new little friend, amazing things started happening!  My right shoulder has gotten a new life. The pains from the stubborn inflammation are gone. I sleep like a child at night & wake up with an energy that I have not known for a long time! My neck had its share of the energy flow and is still at ease. With continued treatment and training, I also look forward to its development in terms of stabilization and not at least for pain reduction. I am the kind of person who does not have so much patience & Gunalight is perfect for me. In addition, I have gained more energy and have a greater enjoyment from exercise as my body recovers faster with the help of the energy that Gunalight gives me. Best of all, this is my new life without pain!!! I am so happy since I do not have any more pain that made my life sad and took all of my strength. I am looking forward to the spring time with pollen in the air and how my body will react as I am also multi-allergic ... but with Gunalight in my life, I welcome spring & early summer with open arms! This will be incredibly exciting!

It did not take long for my body to heal itself. I spread the word about Gunalight wherever I go, that this really works! I experienced quick results even from the first treatment at the fair. I get so excited when the results keep coming. Finally, do not forget that we are all different, we all react differently. Some get results pretty fast and then we have those like me who get them instantly... My advice is to give it a try and give Gunalight the time it takes to help you to heal.
I highly recommend this and wish you all the best of luck with your Gunalights and hope more out there dare to take the step to a brighter life. 

Best regards Liz Marie Rogenfjell 51 years Trondheim May 2018