In acupuncture there are over 2000 points

The acupuncture needle is inserted at the point (s) where there is an assumed accumulation of energy. Acupuncture treatment requires extensive knowledge to identify which points to use. You must also hit correctly with the needle in the relevant point (s) selected for the treatment. There are about 2000 different acupuncture points. In other words, you must be a professional to practice proper acupuncture treatment. When the needle is inserted correctly, it creates a reaction in and around the point (s). The purpose is to create flow in the energy. In very rare cases, inflammation can occur as a result of the needle sticks. The time between each treatment is normally 1-2 weeks. Scholars argue, but it is reasonable to assume that acupuncture treatment originated about 2,000 years ago. There has been limited product development since then.

Gunalight is a further development of acupuncture. Here, a pulsating light energy is used instead of needles. The unique thing is that you can use the body's entry keys to process all the energy pathways. In plain language, this means a significant simplification of the treatment. There are only 8 entrance keys. In addition, it seems that the results come faster and with other and greater effects. We say it comes as a natural consequence of the speed of light. We call it "speed of light results". Energy is fresh and Gunalight can be used daily without the risk of inflammation and other side effects. The reason why a Gunalight treatment is not associated with danger is to be found in the unique pulsating combination of HZ and Nm in the broad-spectrum white light. You can use other points than the 6 we have used in our protocol. We have even excluded 2 of the 8 entry keys in our preferred protocol with unique results. Here, only the therapist's characteristics set the limit. A professional acupuncturist / energy therapist will most likely expand the horizons of the product.